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 Hi there!! Here is the link to my portfolio :) 

Personal Photo taken at McLeod's Bookstore in Vancouver, Canada (July 2019).


  1. Hi Megan,

    I really enjoyed the layout of your portfolio! The picture in the header and the complementing colors give it such a unique vibe that I really enjoy. I almost feel like I need to go to a cool bookstore with a cup of coffee to read your posts, haha! I love how you named it "Moving Bookcase," since it is a portfolio and you will be publishing many different types of stories over various subjects.

    My only question is with the title of your portfolio. Is "words and more words" the name of it? To me, I thought that it was just typed there until you could make up a new name, also leading me to believe that it was an incomplete portfolio. That could just be me, though.

    Other than that, I really like your portfolio and I am looking forward to reading your collection from the Moving Bookcase.


  2. Hey Megan,
    First, I love your version of this story. I loved reading this original story too, I decided to retell it as well. It was really interesting to see how you switched the story, the details you kept/changed/added, and different twists. Our stories are totally different but they came form the same place. I enjoyed all the background details you added to the story, because like you said the original was a little flat in that department. I also really liked how you tied in Belle and her love of reading, I never would've thought of something like that. Something that I wondered after I finished my own story was happened to the sisters. I know you said they came to live in the mansion with Mary but I think there could be some comedic moments with the sisters.

  3. Hello,

    I enjoyed your tale of The Three Roses. I liked the switch you added, but I have to admit the story is a little too similar to the Beauty and the Beast film. This is a personal opinion, but I would love to see you try and differentiate your writing and make it more your own. I think you have the talent as it is shown in this piece.
    I like the difference of the flower no longer a rose, but instead a tulip.

    Your work would be greatly better if you wrote descriptions. I really wanted to see and smell the flowers and the books in the library.
    Description not only enhances the setting but also lead to better ways of telling the story and making more your own.
    I really can't wait to see what you write, and I hope this helps.


  4. Hi Megan!
    I was super excited to read your version of the Beauty and Beast tale were all so familiar with. I even did one of my storybooks a few weeks ago based on the same tale (Beauty and the Basilisk). I really enjoyed your tone as the author of this story. The wording throughout the story was very clean, modern, and very easy to understand. I thought Martha’s reaction to the bear wanting her daughter was super interesting. I wonder if you could’ve made her more protective of Mary and put up more of an argument with the bear? And I wish Mary would’ve fought the issue too! Also, did Mary end up getting her tulips?! After all her mother did sell her to a huge creature that was a stranger, the least she could’ve done was at least get her daughter the tulips she wanted am I right? Overall you did great!

  5. Hi Megan!
    I loved this story! I read a couple people's stories of it, and I can see how much effort you put into making the story your own. I also really liked the fact that you made it a little more recognizable to us. I do really wish that you had written a little bit more at the ending. I think you did such a good job really developing the details at the beginning and given dimensions to the characters, and I was hoping to see that all the way through. We don't know too much about the bear and what happened to him, or even what it was about him that led to Mary falling in love with him. I think this is another spot where you could really showcase your own originality and power for description, and it would enhance the story. You did a really good job and I'm excited to see how you continue over the semester!

  6. Hi Megan, I loved reading the your version of the story: Reading Notes: Brer Rabbit (Part A, Week 7). I think you did a phenomenal job using creativity and the style of writing you used was very inspirational. Your story has inspired me to be more creative and use a different writing style for my next reading assignment. I also have been looking around at your portfolio and blog and WOW! You are so organized and have everything labeled perfectly. It also inspired me to fix up my portfolio and blog, I wish I could have you show me how you did it all. I thought your story flowed very well and was well written. I liked how you did different lines for each sentence in your story. I also enjoyed the image you provided, I thought it was a cute picture. Overall, I thought you did a great job with your reading assignment and I am in awe of your portfolio and blog. Great job.

  7. Hi Megan!

    I love the book theme of this project. The cover photo on your website is very nice as I can see all kinds of books on the shelves. Your story about Mary was very well done. I like how your story involves Mary travelling from the United States to Rotterdam, and that is where she ends up staying. Having Mary relocate to the Netherlands instead of some kind of mystical land made the story feel more real. How did Mary's family react to finding out the bear turned out to be a prince? Were they surprised or shocked? Were they excited to be living with a prince? One thing I think would benefit from the story would be hearing about the "nooks and crannies" Mary likes to read. It would provide some imagery, like the thought of Mary lounging in a big comfy chair, or maybe even a secret hole in the wall where she likes to escape.

    Keep up the good work!


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